This blog contains a selection of small workshop demonstrations and field sketches.

If you'd like to see larger, more finished paintings, we invite you to visit Pumphouse Studio Gallery.

About the Gallery

Part of the Gallery
 For an appointment to visit Pumphouse Studio Gallery (Michael's winter studio near Sedona, Arizona and Page Springs), contact 575-267-2450 or

In the gallery, you can purchase both framed and unframed pieces, and finished gallery paintings as well as sketches and demonstrations.  Michael works in oil and pastel, in sizes ranging from 5"x7" up to 48"x48".  Subject matter includes local Sedona scenery as well as vistas of the Grand Canyon, landscapes of New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona; and a few maritime scenes.

Plein air painting workshops offered through Pumphouse include traditional workshops for all levels; special topic workshops for more advanced students; and mentoring workshops for advanced students and professionals painters. Each week offers four half-days for $300. Paint half the day and explore Sedona and the Verde Valley the rest of the day!  More workshop information can be found at